Jungle Carpet Python

Kratos is our resident Jungle Carpet Python. He was surrendered to us because his owner was afraid of him. Since coming here he is just as sweet as can be. Carpet pythons tend to move quickly, strike hard and fast at prey, and not understand 'personal space' of the person holding them. Therefore, some people may think they are being aggressive. Kratos is one of our best educational snakes.

Common Name: Jungle Carpet Python
Scientific Name: Morelia spilota cheynei
Type: Python

Diet: Carnivore

Average Life Span: 15-20 years in the wild, up to 30 in captivity
Size: Up to 7 feet in length
IUCN Red List Status: Least Concern
Current Population Trend: Decreasing

(Red List was last assessed in 2017 and could possibly change after the Australian wildfires of 2020)

About the Jungle Carpet Python

The jungle carpet python is a vividly colored python that at its most striking is brilliant yellow and black, although it can be tan and black. Its underbelly is usually white. The snakes grow 5-7 ft long. However, wild caught females are known to grow to over 8.5 ft. As with most species of snakes, females are typically larger than males. The jungle carpet python is non-venomous to humans.

Lush tropical and subtropical forests near waterways and creeks. They are found in a very small range near waterways running off the Atherton Tableland and the southeastern part of the Cape York Peninsula, Queensland. They are semi-aboreal and often prefer climbing branches in their enclosure.

Small mammals, birds, frogs and lizards. The snake kills its prey by constriction.

As with other python species, the jungle carpet python lays a clutch of eggs which the female incubates by coiling around them and shivering her muscles to keep them warm.

Jungle carpet pythons have become popular pets due to their stunning coloration, but in the wild their numbers are decreasing due to the destruction of their habitat.

Source: reptilepark.com.au